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Call for Innovative Business Projects Proposal

The Town of Okahao has recently introduced the entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) Program, which is an initiative with the aim to develop and strengthen entrepreneurial qualities in the aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own ventures. The Town Council will provide technical support to the aspiring entrepreneurs having innovative ideas to transform into new products and services for the betterment of the society. This will be done in collaboration with various stakeholders who are members of the EDC.

Therefore the Council is calling on aspiring entrepreneurs to submit their business project proposal. The proposal shall be typed and should include the following elements;

  1. The Scope of the Project
  2. Organizational Capacity
  3. Sustainability of the Project

The project should meet the following criteria;

  1. Start-up Entrepreneurs or Existing Entrepreneurs with innovative, scalable sustainable and marketable idea.
  2. The proposal should clearly indicate that the Business will be established in Okahao or in the surrounding area.
  3. The project should not have more than three members

NB: Closing date for proposal submission on the 24 September 2018. Only shortlisted people will be contacted for presentations.

Proposals should be forwarded to Okahao Town Council in a sealed envelope marked (Okahao EDC Project); it can be hand delivered or via post address to:

The Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Okahao Town Council

P O Box 699 Okahao

For more information contact Mrs. Victoria Haihambo at 065-252 204/5 or Email

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